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Personalized Nutrition Consulting



Carlie Froemke MS, LRD, RDN 

Carlie is your nutrition expert. Qualified to help you discover your Individual Health based on her extensive Education and Experience. With top of the class honors for both the bachelors in Dietetics and masters degrees in Nutrition Science levels she can evaluate and interpret emerging research. With plentiful experience in education, informative speaking and nutrition counselling she knows what works and how to communicate with you simply and compassionately. 


That means you can spend less time wondering what to make of the latest food headlines and finally have ONE TRUSTED SOURCE for all things eating, digestion & metabolism.

Insight Phylosophy

INSIGHT Nutrition Science was founded on the desire to share science and fact/based knowledge with busy, eager clients. 

To equip you with sound information and strategies to incorporate it into your daily life.

To have a positive impact on body image.


To put an end to "Fad-based" "Diet-culture".


To help you Discover Your Individual Health .

To empower you to thrive.


To help you  Feel Better, Finish Better. 


Intuitive Eating and Lifestyle integration of nutrition information to support health goals and physical activity, management of stress and anxiety, food allergies and sensitivities, digestion, pregnancy and lactation, family and child nutrition.

INSIGHT Philosophy


"The biggest thing I've realized after consulting with Carlie is that I don't HAVE TO eat everything, like I was taught as a kid. I have gained strategies to live with awareness of what I need to do for my body. I don't have to go on a crazy diet."

SH/Creative Director/Atlanta

Feel Better 

Finish your workout Better

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