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Hydration Hype?

Let’s sort out the Fluid Facts from the Fads.

Your body is made up of more than 60% water. That beautiful body of yours needs adequate water for all of its systems to function properly, promote happy bowels, and decrease kidney stone risk. Signs of dehydration include thirst, dry skin and lips, changes in mood, increased fatigue. Chronic or severe dehydration can cause constipation, increased heart rate and dizziness.

Tips for adequate hydration:

Do hydrate first thing in the morning 8-16 oz to replace fluids lost during the night.

DON’T wait until you are thirsty. Thirsty means you are already atleast slightly dehydrated.

Do Keep it handy. Keep your preferred drinking vessel near you. You are way more likely to sip based on the power of presence(compared to remembering to get up and fill a glass).

Don’t discount your caffeine beverages. While research suggest that drinks such as coffee act as mild diuretics, they do count toward your overall fluid intake for the day. Just remember your intensely flavored drinks or drinks at extreme hot or cold temps are often consumed in little sips. Again, start the day hydrated and (psst- coffee all day isn’t likely to meet your needs)

Do experiment with mild flavors. The fizzy water market is booming and for you flavor seekers this can be a great way to increase your fluid intake. Sometimes it just feels good to drink out of a can. Am I Right? Jazz up the flavor on your own with fruit slices or herbs.

Don’t substitute fluid for food. If you are hungry eat. Don’t try to suppress hunger cues. Feed yourself. As for the higher calorie sodas and smoothies. If that’s your jam, sit down and enjoy it, take note of the bubbles and sweetness.

Do choose clear drink containers. This is an instance were quality matters. If you have a shape of bottle opening you prefer...You will drink more out of a container you like!

Don’t waste money on waters marketed for improved health (unless you love the flavor regardless of unsubstantiated claims) such as coconut water, alkaline water, and vitamin water.

Do drink from a straw. Drinking from a straw promotes higher and faster fluid intake. (Just watch out for more burps as a side effect😊

So how much fluid do you need?

Average intake is 11.5 cups for a women ~92 oz

Average intake for a man ins 15.5 cups ~ 124oz

Do Peek at your PEE! If your pee is light in color like straw or pale lemonade you’re on track. Darker like apple juice is a sign that your intake is behind. Drink up friend!

Physical activity, pregnancy, breastfeeding or illness can increase fluid needs. Schedule a consult to dial in your specific fluid needs today.

(certain health conditions such as heart failure and kidney disease change the fluid needs too.)

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