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Self-care Simplified

Fundamental elements of Health and self-care are unchanged.


Hydrate your body


Rest your body


Nourish your body


Move your body


Prioritization of your health means you will be better prepared to manage the stress in your life and care for your loved ones.

Yes there can be intricate nuances to working through your personal food relationship and digestion patterns with a professional. However, on an individual level, it is possible to feel better by simplifying and focusing on your self-care approach. Start your day with hydration, protect your sleeping hours and establish some waking moments of 'screen-free rest', eat what sounds good in the amount that satisfies you (restricting your intake to an amount determined by packages or a program will result in deprivation cycle), move your body (not to change its shape, but to feel invigorated, gain endurance or strength).

I have often used the airplane safety instruction to “secure your own oxygen mask first” as an analogy for prioritizing your personal health. When you are at your best you will be able to give your best to your family, friends and priorities.

'Your best' is not a destination. 'Your best' is specific to you and it is a continuous choice to listen to 'your' body, honor 'your' needs, and let go of shame.

You have the power to set your health intention. To seek qualified experts to guide you. To make changes in the way you think about feeding yourself that will last your lifetime and mean a lifetime of satisfaction and physical well-being.


You have the power to protect your time and energy. To eliminate noise and distractions.

You have the power to limit the people who influence you to the people who bring you joy, creativity, and facts. .

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